Who Are We?

Since 2002, we have been earning your trust by always putting our clients first. We have a very caring staff that will help with organizing the paperwork that is necessary for your business but is always in the way of you focusing on what is important for you to accomplish. We realize you need this information to make good business decisions and respond quickly to customers, vendors and lenders. With our combined years of experience and affordable rates, we are always there to help you in aspect of your business bookkeeping services.

We always do our best to alleviate the use of paper. We work remotely and can set up secure remote access. We utilize cloud-based services for data backup and transfer of documents for your convenience.

We respond quickly, typically within 24 hours, to email and phone calls to help with whatever you need.


After buying and consolidating three companies, we discovered that we had bitten off far more than we could chew. We sourced and subsequently terminated 2 accountants from major head-hunting firms as well as discovering the CPA we were relying on had no clue what he was doing. Just as we were about to give up on a multi-million dollar venture, the clouds parted and a ray of sunshine illuminated our business in the form of Lisa Marks-Breen. Lisa and the staff at Borrowed Time stepped in, immediately understood the accounting issues, redid our chart of accounts, reconciled our payroll and operating accounts, and straightened out our billing procedures. The results have been stunning. From a losing proposition we are now firmly back on track and making money. More importantly we now have accurate and timely accounting information and understand exactly what is happening in the business. Lisa is a true gem and unquestionably the best investment we ever made!
Andrew P. Sr., CEO, Scottsdale, AZ